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• cutting the material with an oscillating knife

• cutting the material with a rotating knife

• Cutting the material with a hard knife

• Cutting material by milling

• Engraving and milling of reliefs

• Labelling and pen labelling

PILART SPEEDY PERFORMANCE MANUFACTURING MACHINE can be used wherever there is a requirement for fast and accurate cutting, milling and labelling. This CZECH PRODUCT is composed only of components produced exclusively in the EU. Comfortable control system and debugged CAD / CAM software.

PILART SPEEDY is a CNC machine designed for cutting flat materials by cutting with a rotary, fixed or oscillating knife, milling and drilling machining. It is applied especially in the production of shaped parts from a wide range of materials (all types of woven and non-woven fabrics made of natural, artificial, glass, carbon and kevlar fibers, various types of foils, single and multilayer cardboard, polyurethane foams, honeycombs and foam boards, materials, leather, rubber, soft PVC, floor coverings).


Machine construction description

PILART SPEEDY is designed as a portal machine, the X, Y and Z axes are stored in Bosch precision linear bearings. Movements on all axes are provided by digital servomotors with absolute metering. The rotary motion transforms planetary gears with polyurethane toothed belts with a steel cord.


Technology exchange

The vertical support of the machine is equipped with a universal clamping system, which allows to quickly and easily change individual technologies (milling spindle, vector head for cutting of cutting blades, description head, etc.).


Vector axis for cutting heads

Cutting heads are controlled by the C axis, which is highly dynamic to be able to quickly react to curvature even on small radii and high cutting speeds.

The cutting head is mounted on the planet gearbox output shaft, for easy removal with one locking screw. This arrangement ensures stiffness, long service life, and precise cutting of the blade without cuts and inaccuracies. The high dynamics and speed of positioning of the "C" axis ensure that even the complicated shapes are carved accurately and quickly.


Pneumatic oscillating knife

Pneumatic oscillating knife is very productive and accurate. This technology is suitable for cutting height of materials such as hardened paper, single or multilayer cartons, polyurethane foams and honeycombs (for the production of laminated composites), various types of foam materials, textiles, leather, rubber, insulating materials, softened PVC, .

Cutting speed is between 2 - 20 m / min. cutting carbide cutters are available in several lengths up to a height of materials up to 50 mm, optionally up to 80 mm. With this technology, it is possible to cut contoured contours, small holes and cuts into strong materials.

 A high vibration frequency of up to 150 Hz ensures a high quality cut. The blade stroke is 2 - 7 mm.

Air consumption is about 20 to 75 l / min.




Rotary knife

The rotary knife can be used especially for cutting medium-high materials such as woven and non-woven fabrics made of natural and synthetic fibers, various types of glass fiber reinforced plastic polyurethane films, glass, carbon and aramid fabrics of various weights, glass fiber building and plaster, rubber, leather, etc.

The advantage of the cutting wheel is that there are negligible longitudinal forces on the cut material and therefore there is no deformation of the cut material.

Cutting speed with rotary blade is between 20 - 50 m / min for all materials. PILART SPEEDY cuts the required shapes not only quickly but also accurately. For each material it is necessary to select a suitable cutting mat. We recommend a cushion made of hardened or softened PVC.


The spectrum of materials that can be split by rotating knife cutting is very diverse. The following table lists their list, including the difficulty of cutting. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and arrange testing and cutting of your materials.

type of material


naturals textiles (cotton, linen etc.)


artificial textiles


nonwolven textiles


glass mats and fabrics


carbon fabrics and mats


kevlar fabrics

with restrictions

sendwich materials HEREX, AIREX etc. up to 3 mm


aramid honeycomb up to 4 mm


technical rubber up to 5 mm


pulling foil


PVC foil


paper, wax paper etc.


corrugated cardboard

with restrictions

self-adhesive fóil



Fixed knife 

The fixed knife can be used especially for cutting thin materials such as plastic films, self-adhesive foils, paper, sealing materials, rubber, leather, magnetic foil, etc.

The cutting speed is for all materials between 20-50 m / min.

For most materials, a cutting knife made of cemented carbide with a 45-degree angle will be suitable. It is custom made to design and produce a cutting knife that will suit the material.


Marking pen

Flexible compensation lettering pens are particularly suited for marking parts and subsequent technological processes. There are pens with very durable ink at 0.3, 0.6 and 1 mm line thicknesses. It is also possible to choose from a wide range of colors.

CNC milling machine

The PILART SPEEDY CNC milling machine is intended especially for milling of shaped parts made of sheet materials. Milling can be a very diverse range of materials such as wood, plywood, plastic boards, sandwich panels, composite boards, etc.

For milling, a KRESS spindle with the ability to clamp the milling tools up to 8 mm stem diameter is used.

The most important part of the milling head is a pressure plate that can be used to milling materials with a thickness of 0.3 - 10 mm. This system provides material pressure to the substrate during milling. The material is only to be clamped to the machine table so that it does not move during the milling process. In many cases, it is only sufficient to fix the material with adhesive tape. The milling head also includes a chip extraction system directly from the cutting point. After grinding, the table is completely clean and free of chips.


Tool probe for automatically measuring

Automatically measuring the length of the tool with the touch probe significantly reduces the time required to set up the machine. When using the probe, you set the machine very quickly and avoid any errors that may occur during manual measurement.


Laser signt

The laser pointer displays a cross on the work surface to allow you to quickly set up the machine. The laser in manual mode using the center cross simply sets the zero point.

The CNC886 control system has a clear dialog for this function that allows you to specify the displacement and rotation of the machine coordinate system. Therefore, it is not necessary to place the product on the machine in the desired position and to align it parallel with the coordinate system.


The desk is made of high-quality multi-ply plywood. For easy clamping of workpieces, the work table is equipped with M6 threaded threads in a 150 x 150 mm raster. The table can be equipped with a vacuum manifold for vacuuming workpieces.

Control system CNC886

PILART SPEEDY is equipped with a very reliable and long-lasting experience tested by the full-digital ARC PRO CNC886 control system running on the Windows platform and interpreting standard ISO programs.

Control of all functions is displayed on the high resolution touch panel LCD panel and with 10-point control.

The control panel has a toughened glass surface, which guarantees a very long life and high scratch resistance.

Operation of the CNC 886 is very pleasant and intuitive.


Included in the delivery is free license of popular CAD / CAM software for easy and fast creation of CNC code. ArtCAM is a very easy-to-use CAD / CAM system that allows you to quickly create the desired NC code.

In addition to many other features, you can use a drawing editor, where you can draw a contour directly, or you can import a finished contour as a dxf object.        


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Technické parametry

Parametry PILART SPEEDY English

Travelers / Pojezdy

Axis X / osa X 1010 / 1310 / 1610 mm
Axis Y / osa Y 1610 / 2210 / 2810 / 3410 mm
Axis Z / osa Z 96 mm
Distance table to portal / vzdálenost stůl portál 80 mm

Feeds / posuvy

Axis X, Y, Z / osa X, Y, Z 60 m/min
Repeatable accuracy / opakovatelná přesnost 0,01 mm
Power supply / el. připojení 3x400 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption / příkon 1,2 kW

Dimension / rozměry

Width / šířka 1482 / 1782 / 2082 mm
Lenght / délka 1864 / 2464 / 3064 / 3664 mm
Weight / hmotnost cca 400 kg

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